Arthur’s Words (read by Courtney)

Del was a good person. From an early age, she showed compassion and a desire to help the under privileged, the indigenous Australians and new Australians with their integration into our community.

She became involved with East Timor and helped Timorese Freedom fighters avoid being caught by the Indonesian army.
Del’s generosity often came at the expense of her own well being.

Del loved her children, Katherine, Nic and Alex and grandson Reuben. Watching them grow, and progress through life, filled her with pride.
Meeting Gavin was one of the best things that happened to Del. The short time that they were together was probably the happiest time in Del’s life.
Gavin was not just an academic but a gentleman, a friend and someone who cared, someone who touched a lot of people around the world.

Our being here today is due to tragic circumstances. Our hearts go out to Katherine and Alex and all of Gavin’s family.
Nic is not a bad person but a person with an illness. Our hope is that in the future a cure or a more effective form of treatment can be found for this condition.
Thank you.

Arthur Sewell