In a moment we will return both caskets to the hearses. The families thank you for your presence today and hope that you will join them at the graveside.
You may of course follow the cortege which will have to take a more roundabout route to avoid other corteges. If you wish to take the shorter route, please return in the direction of the main gates. Just before the office where we all started from today, turn right. Keep going along that route till you arrive at The Lawn Area marked ANLA. And of course, please be respectful of other funeral corteges.

Later you are all invited to Hollywood Subiaco Bowling Club at 42 Smyth Road to share your memories of Gavin and Del and to raise a glass and honour them. If you exit through the main gates of Karrakatta turn right, then right and then right again.

The families would like to thank everyone who has sent messages, flowers and cards of condolence. I remind you again of the availability of the donation forms to the Schizophrenia Research Institute and Sane Australia. I know some of you have already made donations and I thank you on behalf of the families.

Ladies and gentlemen the graveside service will commence at 11.15am. Feel free to take the opportunity to go to the bathroom or have a glass of water which is available in the condolence lounge.

Would the pallbearers please come forward and take up their positions.

Exit Music: played by Siang Ching Ngu and Osborne